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[special_text tagname=”h2″ pattern=”no” color=”#45484a” font_size=”30″ font_weight=”normal” font=”default” margin_top=”” margin_bottom=”0″ align=”center”]Why choose Vandig Digital Marketing?[/special_text]

[special_text tagname=”h3″ pattern=”no” color=”#8e9091″ font_size=”18″ font_weight=”normal” font=”default” margin_top=”” margin_bottom=”” align=”center”]Unlike most digital agencies we consider ourselves an extended arm of your business. An affordable digital marketing department that can align with your existing marketing initiatives or create completely new campaign activation online. Our “projects” don’t end. Your success is our success..[/special_text]


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[H4]WHO WE ARE[/H4] Two friends since highschool who first started working together on web projects in the late 90’s and who have created several small projects together throughout the years (including being featured on CTV’s the National for starting a high school web hosting company in 2000) came together utilizing one’s technical ability to provide optimal web hosting and coding with the others digital marketing experience to form Vandig. Both being involved in small family businesses since childhood they understand the need for managing budgets. Guaranteed to beat the price of any major digital marketing agency in the Vancouver area they¬†will work with you to make sure your goals are met and achieved under the budget you have allocated.

See our services to find out exactly what we do.